Audiobook production

Swann Studio aims to simplify the audio production workflow for our clients as much as possible.

We produce and publish audiobooks and other sound content internationally and on any scale. We are currently expanding into new markets every month, working with big international publishing houses as well as private individual publishers.

If you are interested in our services, please contact our audiobook production team.

Swann studio app

Swann studio app

Upload your manuscript and metadata directly through our web app or API. From here on everything is handled by us with the help of our software that organises the entire production process.


You can choose a narrator from our catalogue, request someone from the outside or let our editors assist you or decide for you, based on their experience with thousands of productions in all genres.


The production can be completed within as little as three weeks after the choice of narrator has been confirmed, and you can follow the progress of your title in the app.



Our audio server automatically tags the audio files, divides them into tracks or chapters and converts them into the requested format. We check the metadata and the quality of the recording before delivering in any chosen format.

Our worldwide narrator catalogue

Swann Studio has an extensive ever growing global catalogue of voices. Our audio editors are always ready to assist our clients in choosing the right narrator for any job. We believe that narrating and listening is intimate and requires a great deal of sensibility and always aim to understand and learn more about the nuances of storytelling traditions in different markets and cultures.

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(All languages)

Other audio production services

In addition to the audiobook services Swann Studio provides podcast production assistance and article narrations for online journals, magazines, newspapers etc. We also have a team ready to help you digitise and optimise your backlist of titles on cassettes or reel tapes.

If you are interested in our services, please contact our audio production team.


We offer both practical and editorial assistance with podcast productions. Our team can also help you distribute your content.


We can digitise audio on cassettes or reel tapes, clean the sound and handle the distribution for example to help you revitalise your backlist.


Swann Studio provides narration for all kinds of online publications, ranging from science journals, through fashion magazines to weekly or daily newspapers.